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The Team

The Team

All of Actua’s employees are hand-picked. They are our raw materials, so to speak, and therefore our most important resource. When you meet them, you will be struck by their drive to create and develop new software solutions. If you give them a task, they take responsibility for it, think in solutions and deliver quality. They are a part of a network and continually seek out challenges that create insight, the opportunity to exchange ideas as well as personal and professional development.

Actua is the small software partner that thinks the big thoughts – and makes them happen in co-operation with our clients. Curious, competent and utterly professional, we are a strong player in the energy sector. We are always on the leading edge and create solutions where nothing similar existed.

We are a naturally outgoing company. Therefore we are members of networks, collaborate with complementary businesses in developing energy solutions and draw on the sharp minds at the Technical University of Denmark at Risø as well as the Universities of Aalborg, Aarhus and Southern Denmark. This contributes to your long-term competitiveness and your business challenges become a part of top Danish research.

You are always welcome to contact us if you would like to hear more about our strong team!