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Actua has the capacity to create new software systems and integrate new systems with existing ones because of the diversity of our teams competencies. Our insight into the energy sector gives us an in-depth understanding of the entire process from production units to the consumer. This – and the fact that we are constantly looking ahead – makes us the best software partner in our field at realising new markets in the energy sector.

We draw on our high level of professionalism and competencies in software development, statistics and mathematics to create methods of processing existing data and the development of new software solutions. You thereby gain significant insight into what has previously worked or not, what has generated profits or only expenses and where risks lie. In other words, actionable analysis that contributes to your ability to make the right decisions based on solid information – the best springboard for new software solutions.

Our solutions match your concrete needs because we build on top of your standard systems and create targeted integration, analysis and automation.