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Economic optimization

Actua can help position you to save drastically on your operating costs and increase the accuracy of lifetime predictions for physical installations like distribution networks, power stations and wind farms. We know this type of cost is not always easy to calculate because wear and tear on installations, errors, possible breaches and lost production can be difficult to foresee.

We take this uncertainty into account and use advanced statistical methods and simulation algorithms that we either integrate in existing software to manage installations or run as independent software applications. This makes it easier for you to predict maintenance and repairs as well as adjust your organisation optimally.

LOOM is a concept, among others, that we developed to position you to reduce wind farm operating and maintenance costs by up to 5%. Furthermore, LOOM can improve the accuracy of lifetime estimates by up to 5-10%, depending on concrete conditions.

Contact us to hear how LOOM can create better oversight and reduced operating and maintenance costs.