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Smart Grid

Smart Grid is about to become a reality in the Green Energy sector. As an intelligent system, Smart Grid manages the balance between supply and demand without central control. That means operational advantages, a more effective production, better possibilities for maximally exploiting fluctuating energy resources like wind and sun and more stability. These are results that impact the bottom line for your business and society as a whole.

By partnering with Actua you can implement Smart Grid one value-filled step at a time. We have the necessary knowledge, insight and competencies to drive this process when you find yourself needing to undertake the big technological jump that is Smart Grid. Furthermore we collaborate with the Technical University of Denmark at Risø and are participants in the research project “FlexPower” that tests price signals as activators of distributed energy resources.

We would like to contribute to your company taking advantage of Smart Grid’s many rewards: a more error-tolerant electricity network with limited outages and the possibility to flexibly ramp both supply and demand up and down.

It is an intelligent system that allows you to exploit the potential in time-delayed consumption, facilitate dispatch of aggregated distributed (small) resources and protect the electricity network in the event of outages, thereby preventing brown outs and black outs.