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Communication & Security

Green energy is rapidly moving into a reality where everything is about connectivity in cyberspace. It opens new possibilities but also new challenges with regard to security.

We can no longer be certain that we are communicating over physically secured lines. Safeguards are therefore needed to both keep private data private and to protect against malicious interference with units like wind farms, street lighting, electric car charging stations, heat pumps and more.

At Actua we are aware that the standards for safeguarding energy installations and grid units against cyberattacks are rising in the EU and USA. You get the optimal solution if you think security into the design from the beginning.

If you choose stopgap solutions, there is a great risk for holes in security. If we create a solution in partnership with you that reinforces communication and security features, you can rest assured that only those you give access to your systems will be able to communicate with them.

Why not invite Actua by for a non-binding meeting to discuss your security concerns? It is, if not too late, then in any case too expensive, when you have 100,000 units operating with security breaches.