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Preventive maintenance

Actua developed central elements of Vatenfall’s Wind Power Data Center system for monitoring, control and data collection for a large and varied wind turbine portfolio: more than 500 turbines distributed across 50 sites.

Actua contributed tools that gave us an overview of our heterogeneous data sources and have afforded Vatenfall the opportunity to analyse and automatically process target data.

Vatenfall has thus moved from corrective wind turbine maintenance to preventative maintenance. Moreover the system supplies a basis for visual real-time decision-making processes.

Lars Eeg Højholt.
Technical IT and SCADA-applications Lead
Vattenfall Wind Power

Ad hoc analysis tools

“DONG Energy is in charge of state-of-the-art database systems for the monitoring and analysis of the Danish electricity distribution network. In late 2009 we partnered on a smaller project with Actua to look at possibilities for improved access to ad hoc analysis.

Actua was able to quickly grasp our state estimation system and how this is modelled in our database systems. Within a few weeks, Actua could effectively demonstrate to us how Tableau could open up the possibility for flexible ad hoc analysis and thereby streamline our approach to how we form the basis for our business decision-making.

Grid Strategy looks forward to the opportunity for further collaboration with Actua.
Lars Bai Jensen
Head of Section, Grid Strategy

DONG Energy Sales & Distribution

Optimising plant operation

Actua quickly mastered the heteorogeneous IT environments we use for optimising operations of our thermal power plants.

Actua understands how to apply the minimal development effort for maximizing ROI.
In short time Actua strengthened our servers and increased our database perfomance.

Actua further reduced memory usage exactly enough to enable new reporting functionality

Later Actua made interactive P-Q(*) diagrams possible. This further contributes to optimise operation on our thermal plants.

I recommend Actua to companies in need for optimising and integrating complicated heteorogeneus systems.

Jeppe Grue
Senior Specialist – Process Calculations
Vattenfall Heat

(*) P-Q diagram: shows trade-off between heat- and power production, reducing plant OPEX

Distributed Communication for SYSLAB

Risø and Actua collaborate on developing the control and communication platform for the intelligent distributed energy system facility, SYSLAB.

Actua was chosen due to technical competences, focus on renewable energy and association to the Computer Science department at Aarhus University.

During the first month Actua delivered running code twice. This was of direct value for Risø.

Actua’s development approach has enabled us to follow progress, reflect upon new features and prioritise the tasks as we go.

We have been happy with Actua’s performance.

Henrik Bindner
Senior Scientist, Risø – DTU

Implementation of Security Library for e-Registration of title deeds

Actua’s work methods and high level of competence in security and .NET allowed us to expand our business to include the .NET platform in less than two months.

With a daily 5-minute Scrum meeting, we were able to quickly and pragmatically make decisions when confusing details became an obstacle. Actua’s method made it possible for us to follow progress on a day-by-day basis and we got quality on time and within budget.

Morten Storm Petersen
CEO, SignaturGruppen

GPRS-based meter reading and alarms

Actua developed a web-system for the monitoring and management of measurement alarms.

The iterative development model with continual evaluation of running software provided us a system that could be demonstrated and sold after two sprints (one month). After the third sprint, the system was operational.

We now have a platform we can develop on our own and draw upon Actua for counselling and technical assistance.

Steen Schelle Jensen
Head of Product Management, Kamstrup

Meter reading optimisation in proprietary networks

Helge implemented advanced, theoretical optimisations on the networks and communication systems. The optimisations positioned Kamstrup to expand its installations sizes whilst simultaneously reducing installation and maintenance costs.

The collaboration on technical solutions was conducted flexibly and created value after the first project deliverable. The functionality was put to immediate use whilst simultaneously being implemented over time, which proved to ease maintenance and increase performance.

Morten Winther
Engineering Manager, Kamstrup

Dansk Mink Papir A/S: RFID data collection

A software engineer from Actua was just the help we needed to get well started with the software architecture for the RFID data collection project we are working on.

The skilled software engineer with a lot of experience from industrial applications and hardware interfacing was exactly the kind of consultant we needed for our project. I can only recommend the use of software engineers from Actua.

Olav Gullaksen
Head of Department, Dansk Mink Papir A/S, Aarhus Office (RFID labs)