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We are, in the CEO of Danish DONG Energy Anders Eldrup’s own words, in the midst of a complete societal shift in the style of the industrial revolution. When you choose Actua as your software partner, you get more than just software! You get critical and constructive counselling to better position you through this shift.

As a central actor in this revolution, we work expeditiously toward the day that no one notices when the last oil barrel runs dry.

No one will notice because alternative energy is available to the extent that it makes oil and other fossil fuels irrelevant. This is what Actua fundamentally believes in regard to green energy.

The combination of our utter professionalism and strategic choice to work exclusively with green energy puts us in a strong position to assist all green energy players with the challenges of today and tomorrow. We understand the entire value chain in the energy sector: from consumption to production units and further to the power station suppliers, like wind farms. At the same time we are actively focused on future challenges like flexible production and the resulting need for consumption regulation.

The new energy market demands solid investment in everything from biochemistry, chemistry, physics (mechanical and electrical) to IT. The investment will pay off as the price of fossil fuels rise over time due to either political intervention or because of shortages. No matter the cause, it is inevitable!